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Mateus Asato - B flat loop

Mateus Asato - B flat loop

Some extremely mellow guitar work with a true genius. CLICK THE LINK BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOME AWESOME GUITAR LESSONS!!



Simply The Mordern day Guitar Genius...

Mateus AsatoMateus (Nogueira) Asato was born in December 29th of 1993, originally from Campo Grande, a very cozy medium-size town located in Brazil.


His passion for music started when he was 9, after being influenced by one of his cousins who had learned how to play the guitar. In a musical-religious way, Mateus grew up in a Brazilian Baptist Church, which also gave him lots of inspiration to keep learning and increasing his musical knowledge.


After taking 2 years of private guitar lessons, he became part of the worship team at his local church, a fact that he considers very important to his learning.

In September of 2010, Mateus at the age of 16 won for his first & only time a guitar contest. The national contest was called "Double Vision", and it had around 500 other guitar players participating.

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