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Pro-Apple Peeler




This toy looking gadget peels the apples incredibly fast. The down side to this is that I am making more apple pies than ever before and my husband says he is getting fat. ...




Peels All Types Of Apples in 5 Seconds Or Less


The chore of peeling apples won't be one anymore thanks to the new Pro-Peeler. With its simplified mechanism made from resistant nylon, a stainless steel blade, an integrated spike holder and four suction-grip feet for utmost stability, the Pro-Peeler is the ideal product to peel apples or your favorite fruits effortlessly in a snap.



The Apple Pro-Peeler removes only the skin of the fruit. It eliminates waste that hand peeling invariably creates. It is perfect for peeling large quantities of apples because of its efficient design and ease of use. Easy to clean and store.



Comes With Bonus Corer Slicer

Bonus corer slicer

This practical corer slicer can be used on an unpeeled apple to enjoy fresh apple slices with the family. For recipes, first peel the apple with the Apple Pro-Peeler then use the corer slicer to make even slices. To use, hold the corer slicer on the top of your apple, centering over the apple's core. Press down firmly. Take out the slicer and the core and enjoy!



Instructions For Use And Care



Apple Pro Peeler Parts
Apple Pro Peeler Parts

Step 1. Identify individual operating parts. Unit includes handle, protective cover for the blade and spike holder, peeling arm, rotating disk and suction cup feet.

Step 2. Anchor suction cup feet on a smooth, flat surface. Carefully remove protective plastic covers from steel prongs turning mechanism and peeling blade.

Step 3. Turn handle so that the peeling blade lines up at the bottom of the steel prongs mechanism. Mount apple on machine by pushing base of apple into the steel prongs.

Step 4. To peel an apple, gently turn handle clockwise to begin peeling. Continue turning until the peeling arm has turned a full 360 degrees back to its original position. Remove apple.


Step 5. Rinse steel prongs and peeling blade under running water and dry with a kitchen towel. Wipe other soiled areas with a sponge and dry. Do not place unit in dishwasher. Replace steel prongs and peeling blade protective covers when not in use. When storing, keep out of reach of children.








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